Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Inspiration: Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry patterns have been in existence for centuries, well beyond that. We have seen the nature of how these images effect our moods and create a sense of calm over us when standing in awe of their magnificence. 

These patterns can be found anywhere in art, to interiors, to the way we build a structure and so much more. They have balance and symmetry and provoke inspiration.

Here are a few examples.

A Cathedral - detailed beyond belief and full of life and color.

Stained Glass Ceiling of what is sure to be a church or some holy place. The imagery tells a story much like the ancient pyramids or caves of our past.

An outdoor installation.

The framework for this building unfolds a modern oasis.

A day Spa on the beach.

Repetition and symmetry form a triangular kaleidoscope of sorts.

The Metatron Cube

Native Chakra Art

Here's something fun to try on your own. A 3D model of sacred geometry. Enjoy!