Friday, October 11, 2013

Inspiration: Explore, create, re-invent!

Remember the clunky old fluorescent lighting fixtures found in every office building ... Back in 1990? Well, here we are bringing it back into style but creating stimulating moments and breathtaking visual impacts. Thinking outside the box, this warn out trend has brought life back to the long skinny tubes and can be found in a vast number of shops, interiors, art galleries and so much more. Just because something has been around for ages, doesn't mean we can't bring life back to it! So here are some perfect examples of how "these old things?" can become brand new again. 

What a bright idea!

Found at Urban Outfitters in Soho, NY. I'd love to utilize this idea for an entrance way in a modern industrial loft.

Boxes are out. Pyramids are in.

Art installation: Tetris style.

Mass grouping of these tubes can create intrique as a chandelier in a hotel lobby or an industrial warehouse office. Can bring elegance and sophistication along with a strong sense of modernism.

Who doesn't love a city scape made of lights? Reminds me of my home view of New York City.

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