Monday, March 12, 2012

Inspired: Yeah!

Yeah! Rentals is the latest rage and my absolute dream in a furniture rental company. Check out their website here. They specialize in offering mid-century furniture and unique table accents. Great job! Can't wait to dive into your product line :). See below for some images of rentals offered at Yeah! Rentals in LA.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Discovered: Tori's Bakeshop

This quaint little bakeshop recently opened in my old hometown of Toronto, I won't be there for the grand opening but I sure wish I was. From the food to the shop decor, it brings you back to a time where life seemed simpler.

With creamy whites, pastels and the touch of silver
give the shop the perfect look.

The Pastries look just divine.

And I do not think I've ever seen a donut
look as delicious as this!

Oreo Vegan Cupcake Anyone?

And my FAVORITE part... the light fixtures are made from
industrial sized mixing bowl beaters. I just LOVE! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Inspiration: Antlers Rethought

Antlers are a favorite item to decorate with. I have a number of antlers and taxidermy throughout my home and I'm always on the hunt for more ideas on how to use them. Here are some really modern options I found today...

Lucite Antlers

Rustic Lamp

Modern Paint Design

Painted Designs

Bronzed with almost a rusted effect.

Found this in a boutique store around Dumbo called Modern Anthology.

A Cassandra Smith Design

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Inspiration: Simplicity of Paper

Paper Folding


Paper Art

Paper Airplane

Paper + Stencil

Fashion Forward Paper
Paper Game

Hanging Origami

Reclaimed Furniture

A few shots of some old furniture refinished and made into eye catching bookshelves.

Holiday Decor: Easter Day

I know Easter is a a little ways away. But as we walk the streets and enter shops across the city, it is clear that Easter is nearing! So, in the spirit of the upcoming season, I have put together some looks for Easter Brunch and Dinner which compliment the modern home and are simplistic designs you can do on your own.

First I have prepared for you a contemporary Easter Breakfast/Brunch. With faded tones and natural elements, good food and a unique but refreshing tablescape, waking up and greeting your family will be calming and delightful.

Shown above is a quirky "Bunny" napkin treatment for each place setting. See below for fold by fold directions on how to create this look yourself.

After Brunch and daily activities, guests are to join for dinner and you wonder how you can create a new look in the same space? Here is an elegant and sophisticated idea for the modern couple to easily replicate in your own home for guests to feel the essence of the holiday, but not be overwhelmed by the typical "child-like" feel it can have. Still playful, see below for a glimpse into the idea.

Above, I have taken some elements that were used as general decor pieces for breakfast and have refreshed the look to provide something exciting for dinner. Keeping simplicity and clean lines in mind, I brought together a bold black and white look, with pops of green and of course the "reclaimed, recycled" features of the reclaimed wood table, scraps of shredded newspaper for a nest to lay your chalkboard painted eggs and beautifully hand painted vintage dinner plates. This modern dinner table can sweep guests off their feet, all you need to add is farm to table comfort food and a wine to pair it with.


Artist Insight: Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham

Inspired today as I watched the documentary "Bill Cunningham New York" a living legend in the fashion photography world and iconic New Yorker, shooting some of the most original fashion statements for years beyond belief.

Interestingly enough as many fall in love with his photography work and epic collection of imagery, I took a second look and fell in love with his personality and passion for his work.
Looking at every day as a time to play, he takes off on his bike with a smile on his face (even after 80!) and  finds peace with collecting stills of the most eccentric, most elegant, most daring outfits worn on the streets. His zest for living and the work he collects is something many only come to dream of, and what I have made a life's mission, to live every day where work is not work at all, more a calling and a time to express yourself in an extremely intimate way, all while having fun doing it!

Here are a few photos of Bill Cunningham that opened my eyes on how he's made a career out of a passion and never let the fun run out of it.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pop Up Shop: Jessica Jensen

Here is a shot from the Jessica Jensen Pop-up shop, where I helped style the shop and was commissioned to do a Birch Branch Chandelier as a focal point for the space.

Jessica Jensen Holiday Pop Up Shop
Birch Branch Chandelier

Art Work: LVLB

Over the holidays I was commissioned to do a collage piece for a holiday gift.  It was inspired by the bright LV Bag and the special interests of the gift's receiver.

Titled: LVLB