Thursday, February 17, 2011

The World Beneath Us

Ever wonder what is really beneath the ground we walk on or between the walls? Something is going on...and it's about to break free.

Check out the street art and the artist's ideas of what may lurk behind closed doors.

Monday, February 7, 2011


A Lonely Love Letter

Come back to me my love,
I want to make you see.
How great love was found,
And that you and I were meant to be.

All I hear are whispers,
Why not make it clear?
Your words to me are so faint,
So far into the distance, nowhere near.

I roll to my left,
But all I see are empty sheets.
Missing you is so painful now,
Without you I’m so weak.

Why did you disappear?
So eager to leave me alone?
But I thought you loved me...
And forever you said, you’d be my own.

Now I lay in the dark,
Not daring to sleep.
Because when I close my eyes,
Tears are all I see.

You used to kiss me goodnight,
Now you barely say hello.
A love letter would be nice,
But you’re six feet below.

- Julie Addario

Dead Fish

Dead Fish the play comes out in Two Days! Please visit Dead Fish on Facebook for more information. The play runs Feb 9th - 12th at The Here Arts Center in New York City and its not a show to miss! Tell all of your friends. :)

Now here's a little poem I found.

Fish of a Different Colour

Big fish and small fish
Swimming here in this pond
Fast fish and slow fish
And now one is gone

Poor, foolish fishes
Just make a few stronger
And watch how these fishes
Devour each other

To be the small fish
I'm sure none would bother
But oh, don't you wish
You could make the pond smaller?

I've found my own niche
To live my life fuller
For I am a fish
Of a different color

- Cory Fox