Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Photo Styling

Two ideas brought together to make something you think can't work, work.

Imagine this photo.... what do you see?

Now here is what I see....

As you enter the space, ready for the photo shoot, you are brought to the set. There you find a floor to ceiling water stained see through curtain. Bright florescent props (chairs, luggage, furniture, etc.) rage through the breaks in the drops and seams of the curtain panels. Gleaming white lights mask the room and blur the white drop room into the abyss. Models standing in contoured positions, dressed head to toe in all white skin tight body suits. Only article seen is the glistening jewelry hanging off their necks, wrists and ears. Simple but pure. Edgy but sophisticated. Raw emotion drenched with sex appeal. And the photo shoot begins.

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