Tuesday, January 11, 2011

King Python

Happy New Year. Sorry I have been away from blogging lately. However, I'm back at it, and am going to be more consistant in writing. I recently moved to NYC and this city is full of inspiration. Every day I walk around and find something new to utilize in my designs. I look forward to showing you more of what inspires me on a daily basis.
So here you go.... Today I ventured out to the Fashion District. I fell in love with a Python Snake Skin Leather while I was in one of the leather suppliers warehouse, and it made me think. I love classic contemporary design, but when throwing a bold and exaggerated piece into the mix, it makes something go from good to great.
Here I love the solid white space, with a simple
punch of yellow and a bold abstract piece of artwork.
Focal Piece: Chandelier made of chains.
Along with uniquely fashioned topiarys + bold sculptures
create the perfect balance.

This one is just a bonus, something that could easily turn
the concept from one direction of elegant and modern to sexy and edgy.

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