Thursday, November 24, 2011

Art Work: Full Spectrum

You may have seen a post a while back regarding a collage piece I have been working on. Well the time has come and I am FINALLY done. This is a work of mine that expresses who I am as a designer and as an individual. I hope you enjoy.

Titled: Full Spectrum

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Back to Basics: Easter Decorations

Well Easter is finally here! And for all of you looking for a simple idea to decorate your table this year... well, why don't we go back to the days of childhood. Where we used to paper-mache and decorate eggs with dye in art class before the holidays. Oh the classic style.

Take a cake stand that you have in your house and place a small amount of moss on it (found at an art store or local florist).

Hard boil eggs and decorate with paint, dye, marker, crayon...whatever your choice!

You can Papier-mache one or two of these eggs to make Chicks. Roll up a couple balls of paper to make feet and shape the head to make a beek. Let the papier-mache dry then paint the majority of it yellow and a tummy with white to create your little chick. Don't forget two specks of black on the head to make eyes :)

Then, arrange your painted eggs and chicks on the cake stand, like below. Place on your table and get ready for dinner. :)
And if you are really up for a challenge why not make a papier-mache bunny for the table too!

Not to Miss: Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest


If you know me, you know this is something I cannot miss. Tribe Called Quest is undoubtedly my favorite group of all time and to have this film premiering around the block from me... is a sure shot on me reliving my favorite moments and music from back in the day.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Inspired Art

Slowly but surely, I have been designing my bedroom in my new apartment. My personal space is usually the last to be finished, mostly because of time. My latest project is artwork. I wanted a mixed media piece or graffiti piece in my space, something bold and screaming with colour, but having purpose and expression of myself. I decided on a collage work. As I cannot show you the piece yet, as it has just been started.. I will show you the inspiration behind it.

The Boom Box.....

Here are some other pieces, I just love.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Look at Me Now

Inspiration at it's finest.

Chris Brown: Look at me now.

The Quick Fix: Mainstream Hip Hop

Are you really listening to what Joe is saying here? Do you understand the truth and meaning behind his words? Tell me what is your take on the state of hip hop and its fans?

Hip Hop society has been lacking for a few years now. You have heard from a number of rappers/artists that hip hop is dead or dying. As some may say it is dead, I am not positive they mean it’s truly “DEAD”, more like; it needs a bit of love and support, to help grow and develop into the being we always knew it could be.

Fans are partially at fault, on Budden’s point of, “the fans just aren’t as savvy these days” we need to understand and recognize the history behind the music, the founders and the pathway makers of the movement we now know as the “Hip-Hop Culture”. Many of the mainstream followers of hip hop music today know Jay Z as a founder... Tupac and Biggie as founders, Nas as a founder.... what they fail to see, is that there was a path before them that made them the names they are today.

Yes, they all had visionaries before them; Afrika Bambaataa, The Last Poets, DJ Kool Herc, Slick Rick, Grandmaster Flash etc., etc. I could go on for days, but really how many of these names do you know? (If you are in the industry you are not of the “typical fan”, so please do not misunderstand my point) These artists are those who moulded the beginnings of the industry and paved a path for artists to speak their own language, the language of the youth and of the people. Now do not get me wrong, I believe we have artists who fall under this calibre and delivery in their music. However, we have far less of these artists in the mainstream than we do of the “quick fix” group.

As many know the industry sells mainstream music just as a “quick fix” to a hip hop sound and many artists have conformed to this thinking (not all, but some). To continue to sell or to start to sell music, these artists they say to themselves, “I must make what is ‘hot/on trend’ at the moment – what the industry tells me to make” not necessarily is this what is considered quality in hip hop. This music usually lacks depth in lyrics and sometimes lacks in the beats behind them too.

To me, it’s like saying “Here, I have something for you to eat, one apple is pure and organic made from the earth and the other is manufactured in a building. Each taste the same, but one is lacking in vitamins, this one however, can be provided to you at a faster rate than the one made from the earth, so you will always be able to eat.” So your instincts may say, “To survive I must chose the manufactured apple. It will satisfy me well enough, because I do not want to wait for the quality apple to grow and develop.”

What the person who chose the manufactured apple doesn’t understand, is that the vitamins that are missing in the apple they chose, are ones essential to the growth of our being. Without these... we will not be able to survive. Additionally, the apple that grew from the earth, would always grow and provide you with the vitamins you require at the time you require them. For you will never feel stuffed or bloated from them.

This is the same in music. The manufactured sound and lyrics have a place in the industry, but we need to remember not to let it over power the truth in hip hop, the depth it should have and the quality of the package. Good music, music that will last into our children’s age and beyond, is that of which has depth and soul. Yes, hip hop is of the youth, and should translate well to them, but that doesn’t mean we need to lessen the quality to be able to reach them. If we want to have a world where hip hop can reach everyone, and our youth to understand the history behind our music and culture, we need to start focusing on building a better industry “manufacturing system”.

This system should encourage the development and growth of artists who want to tell their own stories, and write their own paths. With guidance...of course, but guidance and support of the artist’s thoughts and ideas; not the industry’s manipulated idea of what they feel the artist’s wishes should be. This, yes I know is a tricky one. But what I’m saying is it’s time we hear more development and a number of different voices and ideas of music, rather than hearing one sound, attached to ten different artists, so diluted that when you hear a song you cannot even recognize who it is. This only leads to the trends and not a lasting impression, so much so people get sick of the music so quick, artists become an ever so common “one-hit wonder”.

We have so many artists who are out there and understand the history of the culture, the meaning of being in the game, and how to develop themselves into the essence of the music for us to enjoy for many years to come. Yet so many of these people are left in the underground, and for years are overlooked, misunderstood and are not celebrated.

So tell me, why aren’t we celebrating quality in hip hop? Why are we not helping it revive itself? Support and develop itself into its true form? Is this the industry’s fault for selling a quick fix/diluting the music? Or is society to blame for lacking patience and understanding that trends do not last forever, and something which is of substance, is worth waiting for? With this train of thought, can we have a future where our children’s, children, will know who paved the way? Who broke down the barriers? And simply have music that will translate for years to come?

Only time will tell, if we can help get hip hop back on the right track, but we must understand the past to be able to move forward with the future. Hopefully, this is only a hiccup in time, not the lasting moment.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The World Beneath Us

Ever wonder what is really beneath the ground we walk on or between the walls? Something is going on...and it's about to break free.

Check out the street art and the artist's ideas of what may lurk behind closed doors.

Monday, February 7, 2011


A Lonely Love Letter

Come back to me my love,
I want to make you see.
How great love was found,
And that you and I were meant to be.

All I hear are whispers,
Why not make it clear?
Your words to me are so faint,
So far into the distance, nowhere near.

I roll to my left,
But all I see are empty sheets.
Missing you is so painful now,
Without you I’m so weak.

Why did you disappear?
So eager to leave me alone?
But I thought you loved me...
And forever you said, you’d be my own.

Now I lay in the dark,
Not daring to sleep.
Because when I close my eyes,
Tears are all I see.

You used to kiss me goodnight,
Now you barely say hello.
A love letter would be nice,
But you’re six feet below.

- Julie Addario

Dead Fish

Dead Fish the play comes out in Two Days! Please visit Dead Fish on Facebook for more information. The play runs Feb 9th - 12th at The Here Arts Center in New York City and its not a show to miss! Tell all of your friends. :)

Now here's a little poem I found.

Fish of a Different Colour

Big fish and small fish
Swimming here in this pond
Fast fish and slow fish
And now one is gone

Poor, foolish fishes
Just make a few stronger
And watch how these fishes
Devour each other

To be the small fish
I'm sure none would bother
But oh, don't you wish
You could make the pond smaller?

I've found my own niche
To live my life fuller
For I am a fish
Of a different color

- Cory Fox

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh so perfect...

Music plays a big part in my life and it influences me on a daily basis. I love when I can find artwork for new music that sort of reflects my thoughts for the day. I'm feeling a bit of writer's block today... so for now, enjoy an oh so perfect representation of my thoughts!

I love the color tones in this photo, and the ripple effect of the camera. Feels like I'm looking into a puddle and this is the reflection I see staring back at me.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I found this on Flickr today and it stole my heart.

Young dreamers come here to visit...
A place well known to many.

A peaceful vision,
A broken heart,
A sort of irony.

Where lovers cry,
Where smiles bloom,
The small taste of serenity.

Here we play,
So fears run deep,
To those who see what I see,
This makes me, me.

This is my tranquility.

- Julie Addario

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Case of Blurred Vision

Walking the streets of the city, my mind wanders easily as the streets, filled with cars and people, maneuver around me. Life is so blurred, so my vision feels blurred. Which inspires a new way to look at lines and colors. There is something sensual and yet freeing to look through a blurred window. Be it a foggy glass, rain dropped window, or glazed eyes.