Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sustainability: What's Old is New Again.

Vintage Street Furniture

I have been wanting to talk about this more for awhile now. Sustainable design is a very important aspect of our lives as we move into the future. Some people may think they cannot achieve a great look unless a product is made of all new material, but in fact we have a ton of outlets that have been recycled from other products to create gorgeous pieces of artwork. I call them artwork, because I feel anything created from nothing, or what seems to be nothing is art.
This floor is made of pennies!

There are SO many creative ways to ensure your tastes and styles are kept within each piece of furniture or decor found in your home, not to mention even the design and features in the architecture of your homes, that can help us make sustainable living a way of life.

Cortica Chaise Lounge
Made of cork which is a renewable material and one that is even lightweight and waterproof? How great!

Glass/Mirror Planters
Great for creating oxygen in a home and what a creative way to make it look like a piece of artwork on the wall!

A website I just LOVE for sustainable products, toys, home decor, and so much more is please... check it out!!

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