Saturday, August 14, 2010

Event Designer on the Move

When I started in the business almost 5 years ago now, I sort of fell into the world I now know as my life. I was a college student looking for an internship in Marketing, when I applied for a position in Canadian Tire's not-for profit organization, Foundation for Families. That year I learned a lot about my passion and interest for this great industry I work in on a daily basis today. The Event Industry. I knew that I was good at planning things, my life was full of detailed plans and dreams, but not until the first day of our Golf Tournament did I realize what passion I had for the business and how good it felt to take something from ideation to completion.

Throughout my years I have grown and started finding myself doing more of the design and decoration for these events I was planning. That really got me thinking. After 2 years, a marketing degree and a yearning for my creative expression to flow more freely, I chose to go back to school. One choice I will NEVER regret. I was based out of Toronto and trying to break further into the industry. At school, I found myself amongst some of the major supporters of my career today and a handful of other talented designers who inspired me to continually push myself to design outside of the box and find my own place in the industry. That year was a blessing. I worked with designers and planners that not only allowed me to have my own expression of design, but drove me to be my best and guided me through the early development of my skills. I will always appreciate those people whom have helped me mold myself into the event designer I am today.
Since then, my experiences have led me to work on a multitude of corporate and social events. With a defining classic contemporary design style and a bit of a twist, taking inspiration from artistic modern cultural influences, it is one that will surely surprise and has provoked the attention of many high profile clients in the non-profit, fashion, arts, and literary sectors, along with a number of Canadian celebrities.
When visiting New York City last year for research on new products and ideas, I fell deeper in love with the city, and knew it was time. Time to take a fearless step into the market in our industry that sets the bar for the rest of the world. One I am confident I am ready for, in a place where I know I will thrive and have the ability to learn and grow from working with some of the most talented designers, helping create extraordinarily luxurious and pinnacle events. This year, I am moving to the Big Apple with one thing on my follow my heart and keep my drive and passion for this business.
Currently, I have been looking for freelance opportunities or a full-time position within the creative department of an event firm in New York. I love what I do and I look forward to the next step in my career, along with the adventure that lies ahead.
If you or someone you know is interested please contact me at or leave a comment below.

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