Saturday, March 13, 2010


Growing up my favourite movie of all time was Alice in Wonderland. The imaginative story of a young girl in this larger than life world just fascinated me. I love big, novelty and out of the box ideas, and this story I think started it all for me. So of course, once I started to work in special events ALL I wanted to do was create an event based in Wonderland.

Imagine enter a secret venue hidden through pathways and alleyways in the city (which you only find out the location via text message 2 hours before the event starts) and into a Red Velvet room you go, draped from floor to ceiling, surrounded by elegantly dimmed candlelight, you see nothing but multiple doors, some large, some crooked, some you can only enter from the ceiling... too many to choose from. All but one opens freely, and to enter you have to use a simple old fashion key provided to you when you received the invitation.

As the door unlocks and opens ever so slowly you enter into a forest of large colourful Mushrooms and trees seeming as tall as the Empire State Building, shimmering light coming through the mushrooms and tree branches, reflecting off and down to the mossy path. As you move through the forest grounds you are met by obstacles and the Queen of Hearts' Card Soldiers whom hand you off drinks and appetizers in smaller than usual cups and plates (all bite size!). And everywhere you look, everything seems oddly smaller than normal or larger than ever!

That's just a hint of what's inside my head, and the entrance to an avant-garde gala dinner, fashion event, or perhaps fundraiser. But I'll be honest....there are far more ideas where that came from to explore and play with! :) Just wanted to share with you my excitement and how I would love to create an event of such novelty sized, imaginative designs.

Additionaly, I just went to see Tim Burton's creation of the story, a sequel to the first movie, and I must admit I was left speechless. The set design... UNREAL! I think Tim Burton hit it out of the park with this one. I also went to see his work at MOMA in NYC this past January and oh how I love his work... and want to take a peak inside his head!

I love when people have wild and so far out there ideas of the world. Seeing it through someone else eyes is always exciting!! Does he have a blog? I wonder......

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