Saturday, August 14, 2010

Event Designer on the Move

When I started in the business almost 5 years ago now, I sort of fell into the world I now know as my life. I was a college student looking for an internship in Marketing, when I applied for a position in Canadian Tire's not-for profit organization, Foundation for Families. That year I learned a lot about my passion and interest for this great industry I work in on a daily basis today. The Event Industry. I knew that I was good at planning things, my life was full of detailed plans and dreams, but not until the first day of our Golf Tournament did I realize what passion I had for the business and how good it felt to take something from ideation to completion.

Throughout my years I have grown and started finding myself doing more of the design and decoration for these events I was planning. That really got me thinking. After 2 years, a marketing degree and a yearning for my creative expression to flow more freely, I chose to go back to school. One choice I will NEVER regret. I was based out of Toronto and trying to break further into the industry. At school, I found myself amongst some of the major supporters of my career today and a handful of other talented designers who inspired me to continually push myself to design outside of the box and find my own place in the industry. That year was a blessing. I worked with designers and planners that not only allowed me to have my own expression of design, but drove me to be my best and guided me through the early development of my skills. I will always appreciate those people whom have helped me mold myself into the event designer I am today.
Since then, my experiences have led me to work on a multitude of corporate and social events. With a defining classic contemporary design style and a bit of a twist, taking inspiration from artistic modern cultural influences, it is one that will surely surprise and has provoked the attention of many high profile clients in the non-profit, fashion, arts, and literary sectors, along with a number of Canadian celebrities.
When visiting New York City last year for research on new products and ideas, I fell deeper in love with the city, and knew it was time. Time to take a fearless step into the market in our industry that sets the bar for the rest of the world. One I am confident I am ready for, in a place where I know I will thrive and have the ability to learn and grow from working with some of the most talented designers, helping create extraordinarily luxurious and pinnacle events. This year, I am moving to the Big Apple with one thing on my follow my heart and keep my drive and passion for this business.
Currently, I have been looking for freelance opportunities or a full-time position within the creative department of an event firm in New York. I love what I do and I look forward to the next step in my career, along with the adventure that lies ahead.
If you or someone you know is interested please contact me at or leave a comment below.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Furniture or Art?

Household Furniture or Art Exhibit?
I can't help but say art exhibit, but I want it in my home!

Sustainability: What's Old is New Again.

Vintage Street Furniture

I have been wanting to talk about this more for awhile now. Sustainable design is a very important aspect of our lives as we move into the future. Some people may think they cannot achieve a great look unless a product is made of all new material, but in fact we have a ton of outlets that have been recycled from other products to create gorgeous pieces of artwork. I call them artwork, because I feel anything created from nothing, or what seems to be nothing is art.
This floor is made of pennies!

There are SO many creative ways to ensure your tastes and styles are kept within each piece of furniture or decor found in your home, not to mention even the design and features in the architecture of your homes, that can help us make sustainable living a way of life.

Cortica Chaise Lounge
Made of cork which is a renewable material and one that is even lightweight and waterproof? How great!

Glass/Mirror Planters
Great for creating oxygen in a home and what a creative way to make it look like a piece of artwork on the wall!

A website I just LOVE for sustainable products, toys, home decor, and so much more is please... check it out!!


A design I just couldn't resist! Your furniture becomes art and its done o'couture by Chaircourture.

These gorgeous pieces, you can use in your home or at a special event. Quite a unique idea they have going on I think.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anything is Possible

Well this just cannot wait! I was rummaging through some old magazines looking for inspiration. I do not know how I missed this article before, I guess there is just a time and place for everything in your life... I am beginning to learn!

Peter Callesen creates these unusual and intricate designs out of plain A4 paper... these paper cuts astonish me every time I see a new one.... take a look for yourself. They will remind you ANYTHING is possible.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Think Green

Looking to do a "green" event? Try these interesting sustainable products to help make your event a little greener.

These cards are brought to you by Botanical Paperworks a no brainer in terms of innovative ways to create invitations, menu cards, escort & place cards, etc. These paperworks can be planted in the ground and out come wildflowers!

These are one of my latest faves to use. Why don't you?

Beeswax Candles are a natural product that are non-allergenic, non-toxic, and burn a beautiful golden halo, with no smoke!

Another great option.... plantable favours! You can find trees, flowers, vegetables, herbs and so much more in seeds or in a young growth stage to place on your table as a favour. Each has their own aesthetic, depending on the look and feel you want... so take your pick!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Urban Dreams

Wow. I really think dreams are amazing. I seem to get my "Ah-ha!" moments during the middle of the night and some seep into my dreams as vivid designs I literally work through creating and others are just before I fall asleep and are the end product.

Last my dreams... I was at a design competition, and of course how dreams go, I didn't know that I was to be in the competition. I had a booth I had to create a display in - no guidelines given, just a time frame...1 hour. AH! I went speeding off into this supply room I just "magically" found (of course my dream would have a hidden resource room lol) and started gathering bits and pieces of things I could potentially use!. The booth space was all set in black and I had to make it stand out.... no time to change it so I went through the resource room to find what I could. The space also already had a name of a company on it. Mine was a Fashion House. Of course... I don't remember the name, because the words seemed all jumbled in the dream. I knew it had to be something that was out-there, and urban. So I began to play. Neon was my choice to set this stage apart! Hot Fuchsia Pink, an Intense Yellow and Bright Citrus Green.

I threw different ideas to my team, had them start painting and collecting objects. The company name was raised on the backdrop in all black. Had them glitter that and then do graffiti art behind it - edgy and colourful, drew out the name of the company nicely and set the booth up for the urban, slightly rebellious feel I was going for. Next we set the stage. I chose to set it up as a runway show. The back stage floor was lined with vinyl records in tiered milk crates spray painted in the three main colours, off centered, asymmetric, jam packed with music, beaten up Chuck Taylor shoes and used spray cans, two poles stood at either end of the stage painted Fuchsia, and hanging from the ceiling an abundance of paper airplanes flying through the sky. DJ set up in the left hand corner, and as we get ready to be judged, M.I.A.'s Paper Planes starts to play....and the models walk out with the edgy, bright coloured, urban, with a slight hint of 80's nostalgia, clothing on. Perfect!

I was wowed in my dream, I loved the concept and the way it turned out. I was surprisingly as detailed in creating the vision in my dream as I am when I do my own designs... it was all so much fun and of course, with the hour time frame I was given, I stopped production just in the nick of time! Dreams! Ah they always do that to ya :)

Thought I'd share another one of my quirky ideas that came from a dream. I love "Ah-ha" moments and I would LOVE to create this design too! Any takers? :P

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Growing up my favourite movie of all time was Alice in Wonderland. The imaginative story of a young girl in this larger than life world just fascinated me. I love big, novelty and out of the box ideas, and this story I think started it all for me. So of course, once I started to work in special events ALL I wanted to do was create an event based in Wonderland.

Imagine enter a secret venue hidden through pathways and alleyways in the city (which you only find out the location via text message 2 hours before the event starts) and into a Red Velvet room you go, draped from floor to ceiling, surrounded by elegantly dimmed candlelight, you see nothing but multiple doors, some large, some crooked, some you can only enter from the ceiling... too many to choose from. All but one opens freely, and to enter you have to use a simple old fashion key provided to you when you received the invitation.

As the door unlocks and opens ever so slowly you enter into a forest of large colourful Mushrooms and trees seeming as tall as the Empire State Building, shimmering light coming through the mushrooms and tree branches, reflecting off and down to the mossy path. As you move through the forest grounds you are met by obstacles and the Queen of Hearts' Card Soldiers whom hand you off drinks and appetizers in smaller than usual cups and plates (all bite size!). And everywhere you look, everything seems oddly smaller than normal or larger than ever!

That's just a hint of what's inside my head, and the entrance to an avant-garde gala dinner, fashion event, or perhaps fundraiser. But I'll be honest....there are far more ideas where that came from to explore and play with! :) Just wanted to share with you my excitement and how I would love to create an event of such novelty sized, imaginative designs.

Additionaly, I just went to see Tim Burton's creation of the story, a sequel to the first movie, and I must admit I was left speechless. The set design... UNREAL! I think Tim Burton hit it out of the park with this one. I also went to see his work at MOMA in NYC this past January and oh how I love his work... and want to take a peak inside his head!

I love when people have wild and so far out there ideas of the world. Seeing it through someone else eyes is always exciting!! Does he have a blog? I wonder......

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

House of the Rising Cake

If you are like me a cake or dessert is a MUST at any event! I sometimes love to pull inspiration from cake designs I've seen over the years or one's already chosen for an event. I think they just finish off an event just perfectly and when worked well within the design and decor, they can set off an event full tilt to make it a complete vision from start to finish. Which is always my intent when I design. The picturesque, unique styling and sometimes over the top displays can add just the right touch to end the evening, or to add focus to an evening/day.

So for this designer to have started making cakes I was in heaven! Sally Bratt has an amazing eye for design through her photography, graphic design and illustration, she has created some imaginative works, but for me... the most exciting is in her latest endeavour... CAKES!

Her company House of the Rising Cake is just getting started, but is more than ready to face off against some of the leaders in the Toronto area. So if you are looking for a melt in your mouth, eye catching, imaginative idea for your next party or special event, House of the Rising Cake will do that for you!!

For more information on Sally and House of The Rising Cake please visit her Facebook Fan Page