Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Baking

Sometimes to get me in the mood for the holidays, I start baking. And what better way to enjoy the first snowfall but to work beside a warm stove making mouth-watering, melt away as you eat them Chewy Ginger Bread cookies! Mmm!

Now all you need to do is wrap up some small packages in mini clear boxes with holiday ribbon and bring them around to your friends or neighbours! These ones are for my sister's birthday this weekend. Can't wait to plate them and serve to the crowd! Sure to please a few tummies :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Favourite Accent

Just something I can't get enough of. There are so many different styles and unique ways to use them - for home or a special occasion. Just stunning!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Entertaining

Fall is an amazing season, the vibrant reds and oranges and yellows that surround us, warm our hearts and fill us with a sense of calm and serenity. I feel so peaceful when I take my morning bike rides down the country roads. The air is crisp and fresh and the trees change every day. Something about the leaves slowly falling to the floor to just adds to that feeling of peacefulness.

Corn Husks Wrapped Tea lights

With fall comes your fall entertaining, thanksgiving dinner and of course Halloween (but we'll save Halloween ideas for a later post). I have added some ideas I came across that I really love. this time of year gourds and fruits can be used to make such a powerful statement in an arrangement at your dinner table, or even coffee tables.

But when thinking of entertaining and how to dress your table... just look outside. Emulate the season, its colours and the way the trees grow. Have fun with acorns and branches. Add a little spray paint of white or gold, or even black to the items and you can have a whole new look for a minimal budget!

Pumpkins Sprayed Gold

I love the use of the maple tree branches as the centerpiece and the pumpkins to fill the fireplace. As an added idea, if you are having more of a romantic, late dinner, fill the fire place with ivory candle and white gourds, set the table with the fire red maple tree branches as a focal piece and include more ivory candles on the tabletop to set the mood.

Feather Nests with Pears

More of a vintage feel, so stunning.

What I love about the top two pictures is collaborating the both of them. The vintage appeal and the soft touch of the feathers could make for a stunning dinner table and surrounding cocktail area. Remember when entertaining, you want to tantalize all of your guests senses. Touch, scent, taste, sound and sight. By doing all of this, you will leave your guests undoubtedly excited for the next dinner party you throw.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Light Writing

So i just came across this crazy product and HAD to post it right away, how cool would it be for an event to have grafitti artists use this new product the LED spray can with interchangable lights to switch colours? I like this alot because you dont actually have to go against an exterior wall to use it, but you can utilize it as a focal point, with a plexi wall so guests can walk all around it, leaves the space open while creating a very interactive visual piece.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Antique Love Story

As you now know I based my National Bridal Show booth theme on an Antique Love Story, bringing the antique elements to the table top with a contemporary twist. I transformed a vintage chandelier into a standing candelabra, which made a major impact on the table setting. And used antique books (love stories) as the accents to floral for the table scape as well. Along with using floral of soft colours with punches of coral and peach - spoke to the romantic inside of us all.

We transformed this antique chandelier into a candelabra.

Floral Mirror.

Antique jewellery and jewellery box floral arrangement.

Thank you to all of those who attended the show and visited the booth. The show was a tremendous success and I met a number of amazing people.

At the show, I also fell in love with the work of the photographers at Michael T Photography & Design you should really check out their stuff if you are interested or are looking for a photographer; wedding, corporate or commercial.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Above Ground

Saw this and just had to add it!
It's like a city in the sky. Wow!

My Inspiration

Where do you find inspiration? Do you walk through a park, or through a city street? Look through magazines or search the web? For me I try to keep my eyes open all of the time! But I seem to be finding the most of my inspiration lately when my eyes are closed... weird right?

I seem to wake up in the middle of the night lately with an idea of something that was in a dream I had just had and I try recreate it into an event idea right away. I find myself awake at 3 am sketching out ideas in this book that lays beside my bed. I think that is the smartest thing I have ever done for myself, get a book to jot my ideas down... you don't know how many times I have said to myself I will wake up remembering the details and haven't!

When I am awake though, I love to go outside, lay in the grass and just look around, watch the way the wind blows through the trees, its more relaxing than anything. But it clears my mind to be able to see things I would normally overlook. Try it some time!